Spectrum Naturist Swim Located at Northfields, Northfields, Birmingham. Phone: 07876 661483. .
Est. April 1984. Visitors 32525

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Swim Cancelled - 28th February 2015

Due to circumstances beyond our control there will be no swim this Saturday

Nude not Rude - Spectrum Naturist Swim, Birmingham

At Spectrum we try to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where families, couples and singles alike can come and enjoy a couple of hours of naturist or nude swimming and socialising.

Anyone can be a naturist. Your background, age, shape, race, creed and colour are irrelevant when it comes to enjoying the freedom of being nude, which is why it attracts people from all walks of life.....and why Spectrum welcomes applications from all sections of the community. Since the club started years ago we regularly have around 50 members attending each week who enjoy naturist freedom, and increases when we run one of our social or yoga evenings!

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